Remodeling or Building on Cape Cod and Need to Choose a Builder?

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Have you always wanted to make some changes in your home but didn’t know where to start?
Most people don’t realize how much is possible in the areas of building and renovating and would be amazed at what a good Builder can do! Whether it’s creating your dream master suite, upgrading your kitchen with granite counters and new appliances, or adding a room over your garage. How about a new deck, or turning your deck into a four-season sun room for extra living space? Perhaps you are buying an older home that needs work. Nearly anything is possible these days in the area of building and renovating.

Your biggest decision is your first one: find a reputable, experienced Builder to assist you from start to finish. Ask for references, and check them out. Talk to people who worked with that Builder five, ten, fifteen years ago. Do they still have a good relationship? Do they still recommend that Builder? Did the Builder stay on budget and on the timeline? Visit properties that the Builder has completed. There are some big building companies around with a marketing department that creates beautiful ads and slick marketing materials. They charge premium rates, but that does not mean they are the best. Some of the most talented Builders around are the ones who DON’T advertise or own a fancy fleet of trucks. They have been here steadily working and serving the community before the Cape became as popular as it is today. (Before off-Cape Architects and building companies arrived to cash in.) These guys are HANDS-ON Builders. They don’t assign you to a “Project Manager”, they are on-the-job every day and are there for you from start to finish. Without the overhead of a large fleet of trucks, a marketing department and many Project Managers, you will also save money.

If you prefer to start with an Architect, do not use an Architect that requires you to use one particular Builder. You want the option of finding the best Builder who is the best match for YOU and your project. Likewise, a Builder should be able to recommend different Architects depending on your particular project requirements.

Make sure the Builder has the proper insurance, and hires only professional insured sub-contractors. The Government has gotten VERY tough and most of these guys face TWO audits annually. They have to pay huge insurance premiums just to stay in business. Please do not support those who take shortcuts. It is just not fair to the others who are doing it the right way, and you are hurting Cape Cod small businesses. The bottom line is this: you get what you pay for. In life, and especially in the trades.

You don’t have to wait any longer to make the changes that you’ve always dreamed about or to build your dream home, choosing the right Builder for your project is the all-important first step.

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